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Club Swim Practice

Join us for Swim Practice

with Peter Russo

Russo Racing & Swim Smooth Tucson

Dates and Times

vary throughout the year



(520) 600-4075

Peter Russo.jpg


These swim practices are Swim Smooth based.  Peter Russo, Russo Racing and Swim Smooth Tucson, will be the head coach and on deck for all swim sessions.


Swim Smooth is dedicated to open water distance swimming.  All workouts are freestyle, you do not need to know any other strokes.


Peter will create each swim workout and is on deck to make sure you execute the workout as designed.  These are workouts and not form correction sessions, however, Peter will be watching and may make suggestion and tweaks to your stroke.


Suggested Equipment:

  • Tempo Trainer

  • Pull Buoy

  • Fins (Regular length, the zoomers and short fins are not as effective)

  • Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles (they are the pointy ones)

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