Dates: Monday September 11th
Place: Fair Wheel/Fit Works/Excell Coaching, 503 S Park Ave
Time: 6:30-8pm

Join us at the new location for Fair Wheel/Fit Works/Excell Coaching to talk about power and how it can benefit everyone even if they don't have a power meter. Robin will talk about about the use of the Garmin and how a Power class at iTri center can improve your use of heart rate training. Kurt will add how a good bike fit will help create more power in your legs. Fair Wheels will be offering a package deal of different power meters.

If you plan to become a new member or renew your membership at the meeting, please arrive by 6:15 p.m. to give our membership coordinators enough time to process the paperwork and still enjoy the meeting. Thanks! We will also have TTG swag, car decals, hats & visors, for sale!

The evening will wrap up with announcements and the sponsorship drawing! See you Monday!