I always wanted to be involved in some type of sporting activity but other than golf, no opportunity ever presented itself. There were no sports for women when I was younger and we did not even have gym in high school. Though the years, I had some physical issues that eliminated any ideas that I ever had of doing anything physically demanding. I was disabled in the early 90's due to a major back injury and also had hip issues necessitating a replacement in 2003. Than another devastating back injury in 2010 that further hindered my physical abilities. I was looking at buying a walker in 2012 but bought running shoes instead and was also fitted with an ankle foot orthotic that made walking much easier. I made immediate improvements in mobility, did a 5k and wanted more. I was exhausted after that event but couldn't wait to do another one. The sense of accomplishment was overwhelming. On the advise of my son who does triathlons in Chicago, I bought a bike at TriSports which I wasn't able to ride. Someone at TriSports suggested I join the Tucson TriGirls because they offered clinics and events for beginners. I joined the next month and there are more activities and events than I can attend. The comraderie and team support is exceptional. It is so exciting and fulfilling to participate and receive all the "way to go" from everyone and know that I will know someone no matter what event I attend. Wow, this never happened with anything else I have ever done. So here I am, a woman who could barely walk, certainly couldn't run, couldn't ride these new fangled bikes and couldn't swim just 3 years ago who had now completed 2 super sprint triathlons and multiple races. I may be slow but I am a TRI GIRL.

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