If you would’ve told me I would be training for a triathlon back in December of 2014, I would’ve told you that paint chips are harmful and good for the sharing. It all started when I decided that 2015 would be the year of my getting off the couch and I thought purchasing my first bike since college would be a great idea. Biking would be my vehicle to a healthier lifestyle and meeting new friends and apparently, I was right! I’m not a naturally athletic person by any means and since undergrad; my primary focus has been my career. While my work life challenges me, my lack of focus on my health has led to pre-diabetes and weight gain. To be perfectly honest, I’ve spent the last 10 years sitting on the couch in my limited free time. In 2014, I came to a crossroads where I either needed to begin making some serious changes in my life, or become accustomed to having health issues of someone much older than I. Enter the bike and great friends encouraging me to purchase said bike and join the TTG.

After purchasing my bike (with the help of Kay and Kate who made sure I didn’t get swindled and buy the prettiest thing I saw) I jointed a TTG Wednesday running group and slowly began incorporating it into my after work regime. I found a coach that has pushed me tremendously and looks beyond what I currently can’t do and encourages me to dream of what I WANT to do (you’re the best, Robin!). In February I ran my first 5k and in March I did my first super sprint triathlon. While I was exhausted by the end of the tri, it was by far one of the most exhilarating and fun experiences of my life. I’ve signed up for other small 5k races and two other triathlons in the coming months. TTG has changed my life! I can’t adequately express my thanks to the wonderful ladies that have encouraged and supported me in the last few months. You inspire me!

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