How did I get started in Triathlon? I used to do sprint tri’s at the U of A in the beginning, then I did what used to be called the Quarterman tri in Tempe. That was the first time I saw women in purple cheering us on!! I didn’t even train for that; my friend said, “Just do it. You swim, you bike, you run. You can do this!” So I signed up and did it.

Mostly, I was a runner. I did a few half and full marathons after I moved to Tucson, qualified for Boston, but could never get away. Then took up trail running, mostly for fun; it’s my favorite running terrain. I have run the Colossal Cave 8-mile trail race for the past five years, including this year.

Most events I do is because people I get to know are involved in it. I rode a few Tour de Tucson, including the full and a couple of 67 mile rides. I met my weight trainer from recommendations, and have been with him for what seems like forever. He encouraged me to do a body building show, and I did a few of those. I mean I pretty much do anything people think I can do.

In 2017, I was encouraged to join TTG from friends I knew who were members. I also knew what I didn’t know. I heard about Robyn Kramer and started with an Excel group with plans of doing Santa Rosa half iron in 2018, as I age-grouped up. That fell through due to work and an injury, but I enjoyed the training and people. So, I kept at it over the summer. I now have a few sprints and olympics under my belt (Patagonia in 2017) and Deuces Wild in 2018). I did not start triathlons ever thinking I would win anything, but once I did, I took it a bit more seriously than I planned. Yes, I have a competitive streak, working hard to get stronger and faster. Learning transitions, nutrition are still a work in progress.

I really like the training for a triathlon. Not just one sport at a time, so it keeps me healthier overall. Weight lifting helps, too, so I can still run without knee problems (other things hurt, but massage every other week helps work those out - until the next workout). My first 70.3 is coming up end of July - finally doing Santa Rosa after bowing out last year. I figure racing in wine country is probably the place to do your first half iron.

I am always encouraged by the folks at TTG, and friends and coaches who keep me sane. If I had to do this on my own, it would not be any fun at all!! We are so lucky to have a triathlon group for women. I have met so many wonderful people through this group. Since I signed up for other races, I look forward to more TTG events! I think I’m hooked.

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