Why did I join TTG?

I have been a member of the Tucson Tri Girls since 2006 and joined originally because my girlfriend Anne Turner was just like any other Tucson Tri Girl and wanted to see the club grow with new members. I attend my first meeting and felt welcomed and supported by all the members. I walked out of that meeting with a bag of swag and a smile on my face. A year later, I did my first TRI with the Tucson Tri Series as a relay with my friend Anne and Leslie, and we had a blast! (man that brings back memories) Soon, TTG became my second family and wanted to do whatever I could to get involved. By year two, a board position opened and I started volunteering and giving back to the club and continued this pattern for the next 8 years in many positions including Treasurer, Sponsorship, Gear girl, and Prez at one point. At the same time, I decided to retire from my full time job and become a coach and started to offer my services in another fashion, as a coach with my new company, Excell Tri Coaching. I love the Tucson Tri Girls and have for years, I feel that the club has given me friends and sisters for life. I am not sure I can ever repay this group of wonderful women but I sure “tri”.

What has been my favorite events?

I have to say there are two: In Nov of 2012, (IMAZ) I did my first Ironman and that day proved the love and support of our club can get you through anything. All day long the Tucson Tri Girls were there cheering, pushing and supporting my race of a life time and it made the day go by so fast. The second race would be Penticton Worlds in 2017, I was having a rough day (ill) and trained so hard for this races and just did not have the gas to keep going and at one point I STOPPED and when I looked down there was a purple signs that said “Purple power!” It was like the entire club was there when I needed them the most. That is what got me back on my bike to finish the race.

What I have gained from the Club?

More than I can ever give back! They are my family and I have met and known so many Tucson Tri Girls over the years, I can honestly say, my life would be so boring without all the gals of Tucson Tri Girls. Thank you for the Friendships and love over the last 12 years.

What advise can I give to new members?

1. Ask questions to other members and get involved volunteering. This is the fastest way to become a part of the club. 2. Don’t go out and buy new stuff, I did my first Tri on a mountain bike. 3. GET out there and race. Everyone is a winner in the end. 4. Never stop having fun. When it stops being fun be done. 5. Never give up and stop unless it is medical or mechanical. Cross that finish line, everyone has bad days. 6. AWAYS cheer on the person you pass or passes you during a race, you never know when Karma will come back for you.

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