How did I get started in Triathlon?

When I was in Alaska, I had some co-workers who ran and such at lunch time. I had never been athletic but lived close to the Coastal Trail and was inspired to start running. One of the co-workers moved so I asked if I could start running with her but had no idea how to get started. She took me under her wing and ran with me in running/walking intervals and we would go at lunch in the winter so we could see the sunlight. I wanted her to run a 4 mile race so in exchange she said I had to do a triathlon with her. Um, I don’t have a bike and I can’t swim. So, she loaned me her mountain bike and proceeded to teach me how to swim. We worked out together all winter and in May we did a woman’s only tri. I was hooked. I just wanted to get faster and stronger.

Why do I Tri today?

I compete in triathlon today because it motivates me to exercise but I also have the desire to push myself and see how fast I can be. It is amazing to me what the human body can do especially when you put your mind behind something. I also enjoy encouraging new people in the sport and cheering them on to see their full potential.

Memorable races?

Memorable races… well, I would say there are at least 3. Ironman Boulder in 2015 was my first Ironman distance race and I did so much better than I ever anticipated I would. Boulder 70.3 in 2016 was my husband’s first ever 70.3 distance and he has a bad back so that meant under training. We raced together but he started 40 minutes before me. I worried about him the entire race and kept looking on the course for him. On the second loop of the run, I had caught up to him. I was struggling in the heat and I was so excited to see him. We crossed the finish line together and it was really an amazing moment for me. Finally, Ironman Chattanooga in 2017. I trained really hard for this race and wanted to finish in under 13 hours. The bike is 116 miles in this race so it was going to be a tall task. I had the race of my life and just about everything went according to plan and I finished in 12:39.

Training tips?

Practice makes perfect. Practice those things that you dislike and are your weaknesses because they will make you stronger. Training is mini race condition practices, use the gear and fuel you would on race day to make sure you have everything dialed in. Listen to your body – this is so important. If you need to skip a workout, it’s not the end of the world.

What does it mean to be TTG?

To me, being TTG means encouraging others to excel in whatever sport they are interested in. It also means supporting encouraging others to reach out into the uncomfortable. Everyone has different speeds and goals and they are all fabulous and they all need to be acknowledged. It also means sharing my experiences with other and learning from others experiences.

Goals for 2018?

My goals for 2018 are to compete at AG Olympic Distance National Championships and take in the experience. I also want to complete the 70.3 distance in under 6 hours.

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